Healthy and Tasty: QA Team Lead Sophia Novachenko Gave Her Colleagues a Cooking Master Class

Healthy and Tasty: QA Team Lead Sophia Novachenko Gave Her Colleagues a Cooking Master Class

In late June, Proxet employees learned how to prepare healthy salads, bruschettas, and desserts from their QA team lead, Sofia Novachenko. The culinary master class was an opportunity to share cooking knowledge, spend leisure time with the team, learn more about each other, and share hobbies.

At Proxet, events like these have become traditional. The company places a high priority on creating an environment where colleagues can pursue self-development, recreation, and even combine work and hobbies.

At the end of June, Sofia Novachenko shared her hobby with the QA team. Sofia taught her colleagues to cook several healthy dishes – salad, bruschetta, and even a dessert.  According to Sofia, she has been a healthy lifestyle aficionado for a long time now, and over the past few years, has curated a wide selection of delicious and nutritious recipes.

Proxet strongly believes that colleagues spending time together in informal settings is the best way to develop corporate culture and values. Moreover, the role of the QA team lead is focused not only on cultivating work discipline, but also on team-building and illustrating Proxet’s corporate culture.

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If you are a professional, it’s worth it to at minimum, behave professionally with recruiters. Communicate politely and respectfully. After all, the recruiters are just doing their job. Beyond that, it’s worth your time to befriend a few people in recruiting — it may come in handy later. Experienced recruiters are experts in the labor market, they understand exactly what’s going on at any given time, which means they can give you advice and help you to take concrete steps to secure a great offer. There are always career change options for software engineers, but advice from an experienced recruiter can help you to be sure that you have picked the right one.

For us, Proxet is not just about working, completing tasks, and meeting deadlines. For us, Proxet is a company where every employee is valued and where there is time for personal development. Our tradition of sharing our hobbies with colleagues is a great team-building exercise for all of us.”

— Sophia Novachenko, QA Team Lead at Proxet

In addition, Proxet employees share more about their hobbies in the Letters to the Editor section every month. Thanks to these letters, Proxetters have learned about acro yoga, travel, photography, music, and more.

Do you have a particular skill or hobby you would like to share with the team? Tell us about it at: pr@proxet.com

Healthy and Tasty: QA Team Lead Sophia Novachenko Gave Her Colleagues a Cooking Master Class

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