Data Analytics for Advertising Platform

Cooler Screens replaces the old glass cooler doors—the kind you slide or pull open at a 7/11 to get a six-pack or a Coca-Cola—with new digital smart screens capable of adapting to and interacting with the unique existing retail environment of each store and aisle they are placed in. Cooler Screens has built the world’s first and largest in-store digital merchandising and media platform for brick-and-mortar retail. When a customer approaches these new cooler screens, the screen’s sensors detect the customer, triggering the screen to provide the most applicable and up-to-date information, offerings, and promotions—just like when customers are online.  Proxet developed the advertisement and analytical platforms that form the backbone of Cooler Screens.


  1. Working with the stakeholders to define the requirements. 
  2. Design and implementation of the infrastructure together with data migration from different data sources to Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage.
  3. Data Warehouse design (DWH), data migration from Data Lake to DWH, creation of stored procedures, and views in DWH.
  4. Design and implementation of reports, using Microsoft Power BI, a data visualization platform.
  • Play
  • Akka
  • Spark
  • Scalatra
  • Circumflex
  • Lift
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure Data Warehouse
  • Power BI
  • App Services
  • Functions v3
  • Blob Storage (Containers, Tables, Queues)
  • Azure SQL (Server)
Data Analytics for Advertising Platform

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