Post-acquisition by a private-equity fund, Corsair Capital, IDIQ required faster time to market to rapidly release new products and features. The old monolithic system, running on outdated infra, was slow to develop against, making it challenging for the team to support.


  • Transferred from monolith to microservices architecture
  • Migrated from Lumen Cloud to Google Cloud Platform
  • Established the process for 3rd party systems assessment and integration
  • Deployed a template-based no-code customization engine
  • Deployed best engineering practices:
    • Code review
    • Quality assurance and quality control
    • CI/CD


2x boost in execution velocity with:

  • Dramatically improved alignment between the business need and completed work product
  • Precise planning and execution for 7 streams compared to the 3 streams prior) with granular per-sprint details visibility and board level reporting