Digital Transformation Discovery

30 Days Free of Charge

Digital transformation offers rich opportunities for business profitability and industry optimization. By implementing digital transformation in the areas of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, document flow automation and the application of a data-driven approach, businesses can prevail and gain a digital competitive advantage during these difficult times.

Proxet will offer a team of experts in software architecture, AI/ML, product management, business analysis, UI/UX and engineering, free of charge for 30 days, to serve as an extension of your digital transformational team. 

Why Gratis?

While this program, among other programs, is a part of our long-term sales and marketing strategy, we understand how difficult it is to choose reliable partners. When you work with us during this no-strings-attached trial period, you will see our value first-hand and grow to better understand our technical expertise, experience, reliability, risk mitigation capabilities, and management skills.  And once we prove ourselves, all we ask is to be considered for future projects.

Digital Transformation Challenges

The Office of Digital Transformation is typically understaffed and lacking specialists in architecture, AI/ML, product management, business analysis, UI/UX and engineering, all of which are required for a comprehensive transformational plan.

Since a significant number of companies are lacking top-level talent in AI/ML, they may not have an adequate understanding or vision of the possibilities now available to grow, measure and automate business.

Transparency is a must for modern business architecture. For complex organizations with multiple lines of businesses and siloed knowledge, who is responsible?

Businesses that are in reactive mode, dealing with issues as they occur, without a real strategy in place, will not likely grow fast enough and wither.

The skills needed for the implementation of newer technologies must either be developed internally which will cost time (months to years) and money or outsourced to professional development services companies.

How Can Proxet Help?


The ultimate goal is to develop a comprehensive and executable Digital Transformation Plan.


  • Identify business challenges and opportunities 
  • Establish a transformation team 
  • Define the preliminary engagement plan
  • Perform business strategy discovery 
  • Refine opportunity hypothesis 
  • Develop the final engagement plan
  • Develop personas and high-level use case scenarios
  • Develop the target architecture
  • Develop high-level implementation project plan 
  • Build financial models and metrics 
  • Define metrics for success and benefit analysis 
  • Define MVP opportunities


We start the engagement with a two-people team: 

  1. Technical Solution Architect
  2. Business Analyst 

Based on the initial assessment, we may bring additional people:

  1. AI/ML Engineer 
  2. Product Manager
  3. Project Manager 
  4. UI/UX Designer 


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