“Do Not Pay Until We Deliver” Program

According to different studies, 14% of IT projects failed completely, 31% didn’t meet their goals, 43% exceeded the initial budget, and 49% were significantly late.  Most of these failures can be attributed to a poorly selected outsourcing partner. While most companies spend time and resources conducting due diligence on sourcing a good outsourcing vendor, they still aren’t able to find the best fit.

Part of the challenge in finding the right outsourcing partner is that you won’t know if they are a good fit until it’s too late. Quality of work and deliverables on time can only be assessed once the work is already underway. The problem is you have to start paying long before that.

Risks are substantial — missed deadlines, wasted time, money, and internal resources, business milestones get pushed. Decision-makers at the company are in a tough spot to make good decisions without enough information.

What are we offering?

  • Free discovery phase absolutely free of charge, no strings attached.
  • Together with the client, we will identify the first delivery milestone, with clear business value, and we will deliver the solution, without asking for any payment prior to delivery based on acceptance criteria. 

By working with us during this “no-strings-attached” discovery and first milestone periods, you can validate our impact, service, and deliverables first-hand and experience our technical expertise, experience, reliability, risk mitigation capabilities, and management skills without the risk of additional commitment at this early stage. 

Discovery Phase — Free of Charge

The project discovery phase is a complex procedure which includes the collection and systematization of client requirements, research of target audience needs, definition of the MVP,  scoping of the project timeline and evaluation of how many, what kind, and when exactly the dedicated resources will be needed.

This phase is essentially a critical bridge between a theoretical concept and the factual realization of the product. 


  • Come out of the process with a reasonable sense of predictability as to timeline and costs.
  • Have a clear definition of the MVP.
  • Identify the first milestone with the clear business value inside the MVP.
  • Identify and agree on acceptance criteria for every milestone.

Timeline: Varies from 1 week to 1 month depending on project complexity, level of product definition and architectural and UX complexity.

Execution Phase. First Milestone. Deferred Payment.

During this phase the project plan is put into motion, the development team is assembled and the work of the project commences. Upon successful delivery of the first milestone and only if the client agrees that acceptance criteria are met, the cost of delivery becomes due.

If the acceptance criteria are not met, the customer can cancel the project. No payments for work done will be due.  

We at Proxet are confident in our ability to successfully deliver the most complicated and challenging projects. What we are offering is a risk-free opportunity to see us in action, and confirm we are capable of delivering on our promises. 


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