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Upgrade Hospital Call Centers
with Medical Chat Service

Healthcare provider organizations spend a lot of money on customer service representatives responding to patient inquiries via phone, e-mail, or live chat. But technology can step in and save healthcare organizations time and money using automated medical chat services, or chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence.

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt workplaces and travel plans globally, customer service centers are experiencing an unprecedented increase in call volume. The problem lies not only in the increased call volume but also the limited availability of call centers, and dispatchers due to sickness and lockdowns. Chatbot technology in healthcare can help.

ChatBot Benefits:

  • Chatbots reduce call center traffic, load, and cost

  • Chatbots can assist the medical triage process and assign priorities

  • Chatbots can easily support multiple languages extending service reach, lowering staffing and training costs, and reducing shift planning difficulty

  • Chatbots have been shown to deliver better customer experiences and faster responses with lower wait times and queue depths

  • Chatbots allow live dispatchers to prioritize difficult calls

  • Chatbots can interact with customers 24/7

Our Patient Virtual Assistance Platform

We want to develop the perfect medical Patient Virtual Assistant software solution. We are looking for 5–10 hospitals to be our partners in a pilot program.

What Experts Say

Gartner: recommends healthcare organizations immediately begin using virtual assistant technology for community triage and education.

Forbes: 70% of millennials report positive experiences with Chatbots, and many prefer Chatbots for convenience and responsiveness.

Forrester: 50% of consumers have already engaged in automated conversations with Chatbots.

Business Insider: 80% of large businesses plan to use Chatbots by 2020

CCW Digital: 80% of organizations call artificial intelligence “important.” 61% plan integration or deeper integration of AI in their customer experience.

Service: Patient self-screening chatbot

A self-screening medical chat service via Chatbot can assist patients who may be unsure whether to seek medical care. Deployed on the hospital website, the medical Chatbot asks a patient a series of questions based on Schmitt-Thompson protocol about symptoms (such as shortness of breath or dizziness) and risk factors (like underlying medical conditions or exposure to someone else with the virus) and suggests next steps, including whether to self-isolate, consult with a telehealth professional, or visit an emergency room.
Patient Chatbots Service can also be customized for specialized services, such as a cancer Chatbot. Through AI Chatbot healthcare, a patient will be able to schedule appointments with physicians.

Service: Patient Transfer Chatbot

The Patient Transfer Chatbot can:

  1. Have a conversation about a patient’s transfer and admission to the Hospital
  2. Collect all information required for a patient’s transfer
  3. Connect to the backend system to:
    1. Receive the information about bed availability
    2. Receive information about availability of ambulance transportation
  4. Schedule ambulance transportation
  5. Identify the accepting physician, if necessary
  6. Make the process transparent by updating the patient or family member via email or SMS
  7. Request help from a live dispatcher if any issues come up

Service: Find a Provider

The Find Provider Chatbot can:

  1. Search our directory of doctors and specialists affiliated with the hospital
  2. Search by the following criteria:
    1. Distance/Location
    2. Specialty
    3. Medical Services
    4. Accepted Insurance
    5. Provider Gender
    6. Availability
    7. Reason for Visit (New Patient, Annual Exam, Sickness, Return Visit)
    8. Virtual Appointment
  3. Autocomplete online forms prior to visit and submit to the doctor’s office
  4. View and select available time slots
  5. Receive confirmation and reminders via email or SMS

Service: Patient Portal

What “Patient Portal” Chatbot will allow user:

  1. Update demographic information
  2. Make secure credit card payments
  3. Self-diagnose symptoms (based on the Schmitt-Thompson Protocol)
  4. View and request appointments
  5. Request prescriptions and refills
  6. Retrieve test results
  7. View personal health information and a detailed history of your medical records
  8. Browse health facts and information
  9. View billing statements and balance
  10. View billing statements and balance
  11. Complete Forms before appointments
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