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The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.
John D. Rockefeller Jr

Fact 1

10+ Years
in Operation

Fact 2

4 Offices

Fact 3

150% Company Growth
Within 2 years

Fact 4

200 Professionals,
80% Developers

Fact 5

26 MScs and PhDs
in ML/AI Engineering

Fact 6

100+ Multi-Year

Proxet Nation

We have over a decade of experience in developing state-of-the-art software solutions for startups, SMBs and enterprises. 60% of our projects have AI/ML components, including everything from chatbot implementation to image recognition and sentiment analysis. We expertly guide our clients through their digital journey to success.


Clients love us

Randy Shepherd

Giphy – VP of Engineering & Acting CTO

GIPHY has found that Proxet (ex Rails Reactor) provides practical and cost-effective solutions to difficult technical challenges. The Proxet team is creative, proactive, resourceful, and highly professional. They participate in the creation of some of GIPHY’s most important features, and those contributions are highly valued.

Joe Chang

Executive Director at IQVIA

Our partnership with Proxet (ex Rails Reactor) is built on the unified goal of using technology to improving decision making and insight generation that innovate Life Ccience. Proxet has been an essential partner who provides a wealth of expertise, resource and flexibility. Their talented, driven and collaborative team understands how to take a highly agile approach and help bring a software product from concept to reality.

Scott McNeal

Partners Healthcare – Corporate Director, Research Applications and Analytic

Insight Research Portal is a web-based application that is used by over 20,000 people across the Partners enterprise to support our critical research mission. Proxet (ex Rails Reactor) has been a strong partner in leading the development of the software using best practices while adhering to rigorous compliance requirements.

They have been critical team members in making the portal our system of record for managing our almost $2B dollar research enterprise.

We have had four very productive years working with Proxet (ex Rails Reactor). They have enabled the organization to adapt to external regulatory changes more quickly while remaining on schedule and budget. Their ability to innovate, provide technical expertise, understand the business challenges, level of commitment and desire to exceed the client’s expectations makes Proxet a great partner for our organization.

Proxet (ex Rails Reactor) is an invaluable partner to our business, the kind that’s not just a business partner, or even a close colleague or friend, but an integral part of our fundamental Siden family structure.

Their teams work tirelessly as extensions of our team, carry leadership responsibility across many of the most critical engineering functions, and are overall every bit a part of us as the very best of our internal members of our engineering team.

They are intelligent, well researched and grounded on the latest best practices with technology and engineering, and most importantly work with true “ownership” of the components of our system they help and they lead in building. We are grateful to all of their contributions and can’t recommend them highly enough to the very best of technology companies globally. (Just don’t try to get your hands on their engineers working with us!! – they are already spoken for ?)

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We stand with our friends and colleagues during this struggle for their freedom and independence—and lives, above all. To support Ukraine in its direst hours, visit this page.