Improve user retention and product satisfaction by providing more relevant gif content to user search queries, while at the same time reducing cost and time-to-market for product components such as facial recognition and sentiment analysis.


Complete backend re-architecture using high-velocity microservices in Scala. Improved the existing monolithic PHP application that rapidly outgrew its original architectural capabilities.

  • Built Tag Prediction API, Celebrity Detection API.
  • Integrated Moments in Time model which recognizes actions on the gif as an additional search signal.
  • iOS and Android SDKs for native performance on mobile.
  • Cutting-edge ML for analytics.
  • Developed iOS and Android Giphy SDKs that power your smartphone’s keyboard and all social apps.
  • Top 3 search engine reimagined with deep learning and AI.


System capable of handling 100B requests a month. Also:

  • Improved performance of blacklisting and whitelisting algorithm that sped up Overall Giphy API performance by 18%.
  • Reduced the number of timeouts for Giphy API by 90-95%.
  • Improved search service speed by 15%.