Software Development Services

“It is not enough for code to work.”

– Robert C. Martin, Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship


Data strategy, science, and engineering-driven digital transformation; next-gen custom AI and ML solutions for startups and enterprises. Petabyte scale, real-time decisioning platforms, image recognition & interpolation, search, and beyond.

Case study: General Catalyst


We offer app rationalization, migration strategy, platform engineering, serverless transformation, landing zone design/hardening, and cloud FinOps; we help clients transform legacy tech debt-ridden monoliths into cloud-native, future-proof, resilient & reliable enablers of value streams.

Case study: Mass General Brigham


Managed teams provide end-to-end capability to identify and solve your business problems.  We minimize management workload for our customers by providing cohesive teams that take care of product management, architecture, delivery, design, and maintenance.

Case study: Zus Health


Eliminate bottlenecks in your product experience. From ideation to human-centric design to lean agile MVP-based delivery, Proxet helps clients of all sizes enable cutting-edge, value-driven user experiences by the full potential of design lead innovation and product engineering.

Case study: Holcim

Account-Based Targeting Platform

This automated AI targeting system, developed for a Silicon Valley marketing startup, deploys paid media campaigns, based on CRM data metrics and creates audience for target customers.


Public Relations Platform

The platform is a SaaS solution for improving PR: it searches user keywords input and reaches out to online influencers that post/promote related content while giving users in-depth analytics.


Service Enabling Platform

Service Enabling Platform aims efficient 3-way communication between brands, contractors, and clients. By using an intuitive interface, the local contractors can assign jobs and communicate with clients.


Rail Ticket Retailing and Distribution Platform

New retailing and distribution platform makes it easier to connects carriers and suppliers to both online and offline travel distributors. The product is up to meet the full customer experience – backend system to search and book available tickets among various carriers.


Home Automation Platform

The best solvation for the most advanced home environments is a home automation platform. Different control options allow you to manage an automation, audio/video, telephony, digital display etc.


Paperless Grocery Rewards Platform

This ad-enabled platform allows users to receive cashback when shopping groceries or doing on line shopping. Also it enables product companies to run promotions and engaging shoppers in various incentive brands programs at the same time.


Image Recommendation Platform

This useful App is handy when you’d like to increase a user’s time spent on the particular site. It’s great at analyzing the content that users viewed from the previous session data.


Drug Identification

This recent technology facilitates the drug identification process that is crucial for caregivers when treating patients.


Virtual Triage Assistant (VTA)

Chatbots become quite a popular helpers that simplify communications when it comes to high-volume queries. Ours helps triage nurses to recognize high- and low-risk patients.


Voice Identification

The App can easily ascertain patients’ voice to be able to assign it to the relevant operator for more effective triage process.


Complex Flight Planning Tool

An ideal algorithm is developed to help in creating the utmost aircraft routes. It generates computed flights and verifies geographical objects for the best result.


Media Campaign Optimization Software

Customers are spoilt for choice with great variety of devices and media formats nowadays. That’s why marketers will need our Programmatic Marketing software that will be of a great use and simplify customers’ study.

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